Fixed Base Operator Services

Three Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) are located in Aberdeen:

Aberdeen Flying Service

With Aberdeen Flying Service all it takes is one phone call and you can tailor a direct flight to your destination. Whether it’s a remote airstrip or a major airport. It’s all up to you. You set the destination and the schedule. They’ll have your plane waiting!

They guarantee your comfort. When you board you will find plush, comfortable seating that’s great for conducting business or relaxing en route. You will also receive a welcoming variety of refreshments for your enjoyment. Aberdeen Flying Service offers everything you need to assure your flight and arrival leave you relaxed and ready to enjoy your day. Call 605-225-1384 for more information.

Aberdeen Flying Service

Hangar 9, Inc

Hangar 9 is a full-service facility offering maintenance, fuel, charters and training. They have a conference room, a pilot flight planning office and student study areas. Heated hangar storage is available and a new ramp for tiedowns, call for pricing. Call manager Darryl Shook at 605-725-4774 and find out more of what Hanger 9 can do for you.

Hangar 9

Quest Aviation

Whether you’re flying in for some pheasant hunting or just passing through, the professional crew at Quest Aviation will make sure your arrival is comfortable and worry-free. They’ve been proudly serving the aviation community for over 25 years, and they would be honored to serve you. Call 605-225-8008 for more information.

Quest Aviation

Available Services

All three FBOs offer the following services:

  • Aerial photography
  • Charter flight services
  • Flight instruction
  • Refueling services for all general aviation aircraft
  • Repair services with fully licensed airframe and power plant mechanics
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