• SkyWest Cuts 3 Flights Per Week

    Recently, SkyWest made the decision to cut three (3) flights per week from numerous airports they serve, this includes ABR. The reason given is pilot shortages. SkyWest chose the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday ‘turn’ flight, or mid-day flights.

    SkyWest now has 11 flights going out per week. Prior to the recent flight cuts, SkyWest also changed flight times of the afternoon turn flight. We are seeking feedback from the community regarding the recent reduction in service from SkyWest. We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences in how the reductions in service, and the time changes have affected your flying experiences.

    Comments can be emailed to transportationdirector@aberdeen.sd.us.

    We will compile all comments and meet with SkyWest to discuss. Thank you for flying ABR.